Kayla Cardona And Alexandra Rose Got Into A Fight During The Party In “Selling The OC”

On August 24, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET, Netflix distributed eight gorge commendable episodes of Selling the OC. The series is a side project of the Selling Sunset establishment, which follows the business and individual existences of the Oppenheim Group and its real estate agents.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim, twins, have stretched out their land firm to Orange County, and their new cast line-up now incorporates much more splendid land sales reps. Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri, and Tyler Stanaland are among those included.


Despite the fact that they work in a similar office, some “office coteries” and “workplace issues” have caused a ton of show in the series. Kayla and Alexandra Rose got into a quarrel during the authority opening party in the main episode of Selling The OC. While the two were at first cordial, different challenges between them prompted a significant fight at the finish of the episode. Look at the episode to see what occurred between the two.

What Happened among Kayla and Alexandra Rose On Selling the OC Episode 1? The cast individuals from Selling the OC investigated elements and harmed individual and expert associations during Alex Hall’s pizza party.

They talked about Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis’ fellowship and concurred that they gave out a “unusual energy when they come in.” This is when Kayla exploited the circumstance to face Alexandra Rose and examine their disturbed relationship.

While Kayla was examining the way in which close they were before all else, the scene changed to Alexandra Rose talking about a similar issue with Alexandra Jarvis. Rose referenced that when she and Kayla were new to the business, they lived it up. She said, in any case, that the last option wound up buddying up with the other females, which “gave out horrendous sentiments and awful energy.”

Rose proceeded to say that Kayla took advantage of her after she showed her all she knew. In the interim, Jarvis conjectured that different ladies were likely desirous of the two ladies’ cooperation. Kayla, then again, said that Rose had offered deriding comments about the cast individuals, including her currently dear companion and Selling the OC associate Alexandra Jarvis.

Kayla went on by considering Rose a “b***ch.” This is when Kayla chose to telephone Jason Oppenheim and advise him to deal with the Alexandra circumstance. What aggravated her was the way that Jason moved toward Rose. Simultaneously, Rose thought that her associates had spread tales about her laying down with designers to acquire postings.

As indicated by Alexandra Rose: “They have no idea how I got to where I am. I’ve been in this industry for 3.5 years. At the point when I initially started, I thumped on entryways and cold called alone. At the end of the day, I strolled on the ground. They do not know what homes I’ve sold or who my clients are, so the way that they’re doing it is on the grounds that they’re f***ing jealous.”

In the mean time, Kayla and the other cast individuals made plans to go up against Rose at the authority opening party. Rose blamed Alex and Polly for spreading the claims and examined Kayla concerning the issues the two were encountering. While Alex denied everything, Rose was blamed for misleading different individuals from the Selling the OC cast.

Kayla and Rose both chatted on an individual level, endeavoring to clear up their disparities. While the previous tended to the last option for demonizing the other cast individuals, Rose communicated dissatisfaction that Kayla didn’t move toward her straightforwardly. She said that Kayla could have moved toward her as opposed to requesting that Jason handle what is going on.

Despite the fact that they had settled the issue, they were not completely happy with cooperating sooner rather than later. The creation group behind Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa created Selling the OC. The show follows the existences of eleven land dealers as they talk about their encounters, including grief, insider facts, million-dollar houses, and colossal exchanges.