Karolína Kurková Reveals Son, 12, Is on ‘Road to Recovery’ After Needing Surgery for Broken Ankle

Karolína Kurková’s most established youngster is recuperating.

Recently, the model, 38, shared on Instagram that her child Tobin Jack, 12, as of late required a medical procedure in the wake of breaking his lower leg joint in three spots.


The mother of three noticed that her child is “headed straight toward recuperation” following the medical procedure, sharing photographs of him wearing a cast and utilizing supports.

“There’s nothing similar to the feelings a mother feels when her kid gets injured… particularly when you see them apprehensive and in torment and can’t never really remove it despite the fact that you would in a moment,” Kurková composed. “Fortunately, we are now headed straight toward recuperation.”

“Tobin broke his lower leg joint in three spots at football training and required a medical procedure and a few screws a week ago. Much thanks to you Dr. Steinlauf and everybody at UM hospital.

🙏 @umiamihealth,” she proceeded. “We are inviting all the mending energy as he gets better fully backed up by his #1 individuals. 🫶🏻”

Alongside Tobin, Kurková and spouse Archie Drury additionally share child Noah, 6, and girl LunaGrace, whom they invited in April 2021.

Kurková addressed Individuals in June 2021 about inviting a girl, conceding that there was an alternate energy while adding a newborn young lady to her family of for the most part young men.

“It’s most certainly an alternate energy,” the mother shared at that point. “For me it’s exceptionally gorgeous and unique since she’s like me. …

We’re indistinguishable. There is that shared conviction that we have, not something that you could portray.”

She might be a carefully prepared #BoyMom right now, however that doesn’t mean she intends to reconsider her whole nurturing approach with a little girl: “similar qualities” will persist, Kurková made sense of. “You parent and explore contingent upon their character since everybody is unique,” she said. “She will have two big brothers, so she doesn’t have to at any point stress.

They will be generally there to safeguard her and deal with her. I see it as of now the way in which defensive they are of her and how sweet and adoring they are to her.

I feel like I’m certainly going to be a greater amount of the harder one, since she’s encircled by young men and they’re now similar to, ‘Aw, gracious, aw!’ ”

“I can see the dynamic,” she added with a snicker. “She’s actual sweet, exceptionally quiet, yet all at once yet extremely impressive.,

At the point when she really wants or needs something, she most certainly tells us. She’s not frightened, and she’ll know how to work all the young men around her!”