Kareena Kapoor Rejected Saif Ali Khan’s Marriage Proposal Twice: Here’s Why

Bollywood power couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, lovingly called ‘Saifeena’ by their fans, got the pack in 2012.

The lovebirds, who never try not to convey their friendship for one another, when gone up against an obstruction in their opinion.


In another gathering, noting whether she similarly communicated no to Saif’s commitment suggestion as she did to Laal’s (Aamir Khan) wedding recommendation. The Omkara performer revealed, “Most certainly! I don’t remember now. Maybe it was twice or more. Anyway, what’s critical is that finally, I said OK.”

“I was as yet enchanted. Maybe I thought it was too soon, or that we were just kind of getting to know each other a dab. I think it was a consequence of that, there’s something else entirely to it. However, I expect I was for each situation sure that I wanted to marry him,” she added.

The Tashan stars welcomed their two adolescents Taimur Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan in 2016 and 2021 independently. The couple will complete their 10 years of marriage in October this year.