Kanye West Is Under Attack Because He’s A Man of God – Businessman Wale Jana Claims

goes through extremely tough situations in his day to day existence.

He guarantees that Kanye West has been “dropped” since he is a passionate Christian.


Recollect what number of renowned organizations ended their associations with West because of his enemy of Semitic remarks?

The Sapphire Fragrances President expressed all of Kanye’s “challenges are coming on the background of Kanye turning into a fruitful artiste and financial specialist improperly declaring Christ and winning a Grammy for Jesus is Top dog.”

Jana added: “Is it not shocking that Kanye wasn’t dropped such an extremely long time yet out of nowhere he gambles with losing everything.”

He went on by mentioning petitions for Kanye, saying that he was “enduring an onslaught.” This comes after a few organizations slice attaches with Kanye because of his enemy of Semitic remarks, including his promise to commit “demise con 3” on Jews.

In the interim, a video that as of late surfaced of the previous extremely rich person, Kanye West examining his potential defeat has turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

Kanye West alluded to the video as Steve Occupations slipping for a very long time prior to getting back to the top.

Recollect that it was as of late declared that Kanye West was presently not an extremely rich person? This data was uncovered in an article distributed by Forbes on Tuesday, October 25, 2022,

The business magnate is currently accepted to be worth generally $400 million, instead of the $1.3 billion that his total assets was surveyed to be a couple of years prior.

“Kanye previously known as Kanye West is at this point not the most extravagant person of color in America.. he’s destitute. Be that as it may, just wait..wait 2,3,4, years… “