Ka3na Has Expressed Disapproval Of The Concept Of Women Displaying Pictures Of Their Lovers Or Romantic Partners On Social Media

Previous Big Brother Naija housemate, Ka3na has communicated dissatisfaction with regards to the idea of ladies showing photos of their sweethearts or significant others via online entertainment.

In a new post made by the unscripted television star on her web-based entertainment page, Ka3na focused on that it isn’t prudent to move toward one’s darling as though they were their better half since nothing endures for eternity.


She posted on her Instagram story saying: “I couldn’t say whether I ought to begrudge ladies who flood their online entertainment with beau connections 🤔 Haba! So when the relationship closes you erase and post the following beau? (Old things are died) 🤣. It’s even reasonable assuming that you folks are locked in to be hitched however customary sweetheart?! A few ladies get liver sha haha!

Not remaining you ought to deny yourself of affection and bliss just on the grounds that a few men are scums however you have some control over the result by keeping a sweetheart as beau and quit giving spouse treatment to a beau. In This Life, NOTHING IS Guaranteed.”

A while back Ka3na cautioned men who will come her direction that she’ll never again enjoy vain romantic tales as she uncovers her way to express affection now.

Ka3na declared the accident of her marriage months prior when she uncovered that she’s single and presently has made it clear to men who will come her direction that she’s done heading to enjoy any pointless romantic tale however one loaded up with cash.

All that Ka3na is attempting to say is that she’s not generally keen on men who can’t fulfill her monetary requirements as she is not generally intrigued by any unbeneficial relationship that won’t yield any certain outcome regarding cash.