Joseph Day Missing – Is He Found?

Joseph Day was a former TVNZ camera operator who disappeared from his home on Saturday night. He was living in the UK with his fiancé at the time of his disappearance. His fiancé became worried about his well-being when he stopped replying to her chats and phone calls on Saturday night.

Officials launched a search investigation to locate Day after his mysterious disappearance. The public was also asked to help locate Day. His last known location is his house in the upmarket Clifton area of Bristol, UK. He was living with his fiancé Kelsey Mulachy. He and Mulachy had been a couple for five years. 

Day had come with his partner to the UK from New Zealand. Unfortunately, the search investigation to locate him ended sadly. On Tuesday, British officials found a dead body at Avon Gorge in Bristol that they believe matches the description of Day. The details about his death have not been made public yet.

Authorities have not conducted the formal identification at the time of writing this article. However, the officials have shared the results of the search investigation with Day’s family. Day was only 31 years old. Authorities have requested the public to not make speculations about Day’s missing and death. 

His fiancé was attending a girls’ weekend in London when he went missing. When Ms. Mulachy returned home, she could not find her partner. She was only two-and-a-half hours away from Day at the time of his mysterious disappearance. She was also chatting with him just before he went missing.

Ms. Mulachy said that Day suddenly stopped replying to her chats at around 8:45 pm on Saturday. The couple was planning to return to New Zealand at the end of the year and merry. Day was working as a builder in the UK at the time of his disappearance. He was taking a break from his job as a camera operator.