JoJo Siwa Gets Real About the Holidays: They Can Be ‘Really Special’ ‘and’ ‘Really Hard’ for Some

Halloween is finished, and that means it’s officially JoJo Siwa’s favorite season.

In the soul of her partnership with Ocean Spray for its “Power Your Holidays” campaign, Siwa talked with Individuals about her holiday plans — and shared some adoration with the people who find themselves struggling this season. For the 19-year-old multihyphenate, teaming up with the brand for the holidays was an easy decision.

Siwa said that she “grew up” with its iconic cranberry sauce, which presently reminds her of life before stardom.

“It simply reminds me of being a small child, you understand what I mean?” Siwa said. “It reminds me of my little life back in Nebraska before all of… everything.”

The YouTube star added, “We eat it with all of my mother’s famous home-prepared meals.”

While reflecting on her life as a youngster in Omaha, Siwa, who currently lives in Los Angeles, admitted that she misses the bone chilling winters.

“I would give anything to have a cold, winter-y Christmas,” she said. “I miss the snow to such an extent.”

The “Boomerang” singer said that while her holiday plans aren’t nailed down right now, she will enjoy them with her family, companions and sweetheart, Avery Cyrus.

Siwa added that she will be encouraging her friends and family to join her as she pays homage to the brand’s iconic sauce through dance.

Specifically, she will reproduce the sauce’s iconic shake to Ocean Spray’s new “Squirm, Squirm, Wiggle, Shake” song on TikTok and Instagram for its holiday campaign.

“I’m gonna convince everyone that I know to shake with me,” the Dance Mothers star said.

While this campaign, a celebration of the sauce’s 110th anniversary, is happy and lighthearted, the singer acknowledged that the holidays aren’t joyful for everyone. “They’re really special but on the other hand they’re really hard for a many individuals,” Siwa said, adding that it’s an especially troublesome time for those who’ve lost a friend or family member this year.

The star, a blunt advocate for the LGBTQ+ people group, also perceived that this season can be challenging for individuals who are “afraid of being yourself, however this is the year that you realized who you really are.” “In any case, honestly, I think that the holidays are a free reason to grin,” Siwa said, going on to compare the holidays to an outing to Disney World.

“You go to Disney and all your concerns disappear,” Siwa said. “I feel like Christmas has that same power, and any holiday that you celebrate can have that same power assuming you let it.”