Jimmy Fallon and Dolly Parton Joke That It’s ‘Almost Too Early for Christmas’ with New Holiday Song

Christmas season is close to the corner, and Jimmy Fallon is back with another jingle — highlighting a down home music symbol!

On Friday, The This evening Show have delivered his most recent track “Too soon for Christmas,” a fun and upbeat cooperation with Cart Parton where they get fans in the occasion soul.


The pair delivered a going with vivified verse video with the tune — where animation variants of Fallon, 48, and Parton, 76, express farewell to the fall season and Halloween by going caroling, wearing Christmas sweaters and making a snowman out of fall leaves.

“It’s too soon for Christmas/Too early to be singing this melody/There’s still Halloween improvements/And critics will say that it’s off-base,” sings the team in the track’s chorale.

“How about we turn on the lights for Mariah/Advise Rudolph to try to please nose/It’s too soon for Christmas/Yet for what reason don’t we find out how it turns out?”

Recently, the host reported the melody and shared the motivation behind it.

“Individuals have that discussion in the wake of Thanksgiving, they have that banter where they go, ‘Gracious, could we at any point pay attention to occasion music? Might we at any point pay attention to Christmas music? Is it too soon? Might we at any point put on Mariah Carey now?’ I say, ‘Better believe it, assuming that it’s great, you ought to,’” Fallon said. “So I figured it would be somewhat fun on the off chance that I put out a tune and delivered it around Halloween,” giggled the previous SNL star as he declared the two part harmony with “music legend” Parton.

The two part harmony marks Fallon’s second plunge into the occasion music world: he delivered “It Was A… (Veiled Christmas)” with Ariana Grande and Megan You Steed last year. Parton, then again, is no more bizarre to the class. The blue grass music legend has recently delivered three Christmas collections: 1984’s Once Upon a Christmas with the late Kenny Rogers, 1990’s Home to visit the family, and 2020’s A Holly Cart Christmas. The Jolene vocalist musician is likewise equipping to have one more occasion extraordinary, Cart Parton’s Mountain Sorcery Christmas, a melodic about the creation of a television exceptional set at her notable Tennessee amusement park, Dollywood.

“Cart Parton’s Mountain Sorcery Christmas is the frantic behind the stage story and superb on-camera consequences of Cart’s longing to elevate a depleted world’s spirits by sharing the extraordinary ‘mountain enchantment’ she has consistently seen as in and around Dollywood at Christmas,” peruses the NBC occasion exceptional’s portrayal.

The “current film melodic” will follow Parton through the creation of the exceptional, before she becomes enveloped with “a confidential excursion into her past.”

A huge number of superstar visitors have endorsed on to partake, including Miley Cyrus, Willie Nelson, Billy Beam Cyrus and Jimmie Allen, as well as Fallon.