Jim Edmonds Responds to Meghan King’s Claims That Their Kids Were Not Invited to His Italian Wedding

Meghan King is speakme out on ex-husband Jim Edmonds’ wedding to Kortnie O’Connor. King spoke approximately her ex’s nuptials on Tuesday’s episode of her podcast, Intimate Knowledge, starting the communique with visitor Heather McDonalds through commending O’Connor’s “lovely” dress and said “hopefully” the newly married couple “will last.”

King referred to as the Italian wedding ceremony “very small” and came about on her very own birthday before noting that she located it “interesting that he had a nanny there, however none of his seven children.”


“There became no children to nanny at the marriage!” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum claimed, going on to mention that her and Edmonds’ three children — four-yr-old twin sons Hart and Hayes and five-year-antique daughter Aspen — “were not even invited, as a long way as I realize. They don’t even have passports and he failed to question me to get them a passport.”

A rep for Edmonds tells PEOPLE that King’s feedback are “consistent harassment” of her ex-husband and are “each disgraceful and pathetic at the same time.”

“Meghan maintains to preserve herself within the public eye through disparaging Jim, and then complains to each person who will pay attention that coparenting is hard,” the rep says.

“Meghan wishes to consciousness on getting the assist she wishes to steer a effective and meaningful life.”

Elsewhere inside the podcast, King went on to mention that she and Edmonds do not speak and defined the scenario around the brief restraining order she acquired in opposition to him in June.

“We ended up turning it right into a consent order that has all of the equal terms as a restraining order however now it is reciprocal, so I need to follow it as nicely,” she defined, claiming, “I observe the regulations so anything, it does not make any difference to me.”

“It’s excellent for Jim and I due to the fact we do not should see each different or speak except about the youngsters, which is first-class.”

King also alleged that her ex despatched her “a few nasty messages,” inclusive of one wherein he “answered all to my son’s elegance and stated that I suck.”

“He answered all to my son’s magnificence, a huge, huge email for a parent-teacher sign on sheet, and said ‘you all can see how a lot my ex-wife sucks.’ ”

King stated one of the different moms in the elegance reached out sympathizing with her and brought, “I do not even recognise who that individual is, who said ‘I’m sorry.’ ”

“I don’t know any of those people. My son simply started out at the faculty.”

King and Edmonds break up in October 2019 after five years of marriage, although their divorce wasn’t finalized till May 2021.