Jennifer Hudson Addresses Speculation She’s on ‘The Masked Singer’

Has Jennifer Hudson traded her splendid GRAMMY Award for a beast splendid harp? A couple of fans verifiably think so! The craftsman watched out for pieces of tattle that she’s joined this season of The Covered Performer during the Monday episode of her daytime partnered program, The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Hudson was joined by Emmy Award winning performer and viral star Leslie Jordan, who filled in as a guest expert on the singing challenge show nearby Joel McHale. Jordan surrendered that he cultivated a pound on McHale while filling in as a guest trained professional.

“He’s nine-feet-tall and I’m staying neighboring him – – he conveyed me calm. I couldn’t attempt to speak,” Jordan joked.

Hudson shared that she knew fans and experts a similar put her on the summary as a normal confident under the Harp cover. The contender sang PInk’s “Fantastic” for their most paramount presentation and had optics, a call sheet posting Harp in a principal work, two lots of roses, a singular wearing a witch’s cap and 3D glasses all appearance up in their most vital sign pack.

“This could be Jennifer Hudson,” expert Ken Jeong introduced during Wednesday’s episode. “She’s done everything. However, the spoof clue to me – – she was in my #1 film ever, Sex and the City.”

Conversing with Jordan, Hudson said she wouldn’t confirm or disprove whether she’s in the gathering, let watchers in on that they need to watch the series since “that is the spot of the whole show.”

We’ve been deceived by that beforehand!

The EGOT victor has been leaving her engraving as a daytime have since her show appeared as of late. The entertainer actually rejoined with interesting American Symbol judge Randy Jackson.

Jackson saw that Hudson is “affirmation” for those endeavoring to progress in their callings since she never gave up after she put seventh on season 3 of the singing competition series in 2004.

“You understand that you had a gift given by God,” Jackson said. “I’m logical more happy for you than any American Symbol victor since you didn’t win! Moreover, see what you’ve done. That is the thing, forge ahead and never give up. Have confidence in yourself and put confidence in your capacity. You did it, you said, ‘Look, this won’t stop me. One doorway closes, five more going to open.’”