James Brown’s Dad Says Powerful Words Of Prayers For Him After Receiving Iphone 13 From Him

James Brown, a dubious drag queen, portrayed his dad’s reaction to getting an expensive telephone from him.

The so called Duchess of London expressed that he had as of late bought an iPhone 13 for his dad, who has since offered his thanks for the gift by sending him notes.


James guaranteed that his dad had startlingly made a Snapchat represent him and had been refreshing him on how the telephone functioned.

The princess of Africa posted a brief snippet of his dad requesting his requests and communicating his pleasure in the cell phone, which was a present he had not expected to get.

James thought it was mind blowing that his dad might have found out about Snapchat and might have sorted out some way to utilize the online entertainment webpage.

He contemplated that the man probably got guidance on the best way to utilize the stage.

James Chukwueze Obialor, better referred to online as James Brown, is a drag queen, artist, and web big name from Nigeria.

In a 2018 viral video, he pronounced, “They didn’t get me,” in the wake of being captured by the police.

He was kept at the Ikoyi Remedial Office for one month in the wake of being blamed for being gay along with 46 others.

Later on, an appointed authority dropped the indictment’s body of evidence against them.