James Brown Gushes Over His Male Status

Disputable drag queen James Earthy colored who previously enhances himself in ladies’ outfits has made sense of that he did so in light of the fact that he normally seems to be a female.

In any case, he conceded that he has not found it simple to adapt to reactions from fans that believe that he should take care of business so he chose to quit looking womanly.


To that end following the arrival of a sex tape including James Brown and a unidentified woman, he came out openly to reject that he was gay.

On Thursday, James shared a post on his Instagram handle to excite his invigorated fans that are presently glad that he is a man.

He prodded them by asking what next since he has conceded their biggest wish of taking care of business.

He likewise demonstrated that he will very much want to know how his fans feel about his new character.

While he was dressing like a female, James Brown frequently endured provocation in broad daylight puts and via web-based entertainment.