IVE’s Wonyoung Was Drawn Into Scandal When Her Old Live Broadcast Surfaced

Wonyoung of IVE was entangled in debate when netizens found a previous live transmission of the gathering. On September 26 KST, a part on a local area site distributed a progression of photos from an earlier VLive show including Leeseo, Yujin, and Wonyoung.

While the three were an immense accomplishment with Jump, who loved their association, one explicit second parted netizens. The circumstance in issue is one in which the symbol said something about Leeseo’s clothing appearing to be indistinguishable from one she wore to a music recording some time back.


As indicated by the transmission screen captures, Wonyoung examined Leeseo regarding whether she purchased the attire. The last option said that the dress had a place with “Rei unnie.” Wonyoung then, at that point, contacted look at the label on the dress.

Both she and Yujin affirmed that Leeseo was not wearing a similar dress at the finish of the occurrence. While many individuals were irritated about the event, the adolescent K-pop symbol’s devotees supported her on the web.

One client remarked:”This struck me as somewhat unforgiving. Investigate Leeseo’s demeanor.”

Someone else added:”I don’t completely accept that her activities genuinely deserve such nastiness. In any case, it doesn’t suggest it was absolutely right. Assuming that she was keen on the dress, she could have asked about it after the live show finished.”

Another client referenced:”Assuming that she had checked the attire after the camera was switched off, this could not have possibly been so terrible.”

While another client expressed:”However, truly, did she need to affirm the tag while they were on V Live? In any event, asking, ‘Did you buy that yourself?’ may embarrass [Leeseo].”

The individuals who upheld Wonyoung remarked that the icon was supporting a brand and that since the youthful symbols live respectively, it was unavoidable for their outfits to get stirred up.

One individual composed:”I accept Wonyoung was simply attempting to plug since she is the KIRSH model.”

Another remark read:”On the off chance that the attire seems something very similar, she can confirm the tag. Lolll. The apparel wasn’t even Leeseo’s. At the point when you live in a gathering, you unavoidably wind up sharing dress.”

Another ally expressed:”It isn’t inconsiderate. They’ve as of late checked that they have two particular shirts. Fans were intrigued whether it was from the organization KIRSH since they spotted [Wonyoung] wearing it while shooting and Leeseo donning a comparative shirt.”

One admirer asked why the youthful icon was being addressed:”For what reason in all actuality do individuals ceaselessly come after Wonyoung?”

After an old transmission question, netizens support IVE’s Wonyoung. Certain individuals said that the K-pop icon’s activities were off-kilter and that she shouldn’t have grabbed for the label on Leeseo’s pullover while she was live.

That’s what they added assuming the symbol was discontent with uncovering her pieces of clothing, she could have trusted that the program will stop. Numerous netizens upheld the K-pop star, guaranteeing that the direct was taken inappropriately and that it was satisfactory since she is near IVE’s Leeseo and subsequently expected to be a joke.

The discussion spread to Twitter, where devotees protected her. Certain individuals likewise noticed how very normal for people live respectively to ridicule another’s clothing and how the harassing of the IVE symbol over old recordings needs to stop.

Wonyoung is by and by perhaps of the most discussed K-pop star in the business, having been named one of a definitive K-pop ‘IT’ Young ladies. Since fans noticed how her garments were generally more pleasant than different individuals, she has been the objective of fury pointed towards IVE for being the most loved individual from the young lady bunch.

Some netizens made an immense problem out of the high school icon’s limited way as a MC on Music Bank, marking her terrible. Her emotional weight drop has started shock via virtual entertainment, with numerous admirers stressed over her dietary patterns and psychological well-being.

Wonyoung started in the business at 13 years old with Produce 48, a MNET endurance program. She hence made her introduction with IZONE, a brief K-pop gathering that deteriorated following a couple of years.

The icon’s stage presence, modern direct, and form sense have kept the spotlight on her during her presentation with IVE. She has different brand sponsorships and was as of late in Paris for Style Week as a representative for the top notch gems organization FRED.

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