Is Sandy Fernandez In Jail? Kent Mother Arrested On Baby Jose Murder

On a $1 million bond, Sandy Fernandez is being held at the King County Correctional Facility. On Monday, King County examiners documented second-degree murder allegations against a Kent lady concerning the death of her 2-year-old child. As per reasonable justification records, she is accused of hitting her child, breaking his jaw and skull, and causing extreme inner wounds that brought about a contamination.

Court records express that Fernandez at first denied hitting her child during a police interview yet hence confessed to “lashing out” with him and hitting him in the midsection prior to tossing him to the ground.

Is Sandy Fernandez In Jail After Baby Jose’s Murder? On a $1 million bond, Fernandez is being held at the King County Correctional Facility.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Casey McNerthney, claims that the security sum precisely addresses the evil of the occurrence. “The respondent over and over punched her 2-year-old child in the tummy prior to tossing him to the ground on a wooden floor. These assaults caused extreme interior injury.

The draining had an interior discharge, a harmed jaw, and a broke skull at the hour of death. By court filings, Hometown Suites on Pacific Highway South, where Fernandez worked and lived with her child and beau, got help from Kent police and Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority.

As indicated by court archives, Fernandez and her beau expressed that he had begun regurgitating the other day. I didn’t awaken until a few hours into the evening.

Sandy Fernandez Family Heartbroken And Horrified Shaun Earl and Jaime Bentley, Jose’s grandparents, guarantee they had no clue about what Jose’s ex-accomplice was able to do. They were terrified and beaten down. They guarantee their association with Fernandez was tense and that she restricted them and their child from taking part in Jose’s life.

As per the arraignment, Fernandez purportedly admitted to striking Jose two times in the mid-region while being addressed. Furthermore, she depicted how her feelings of anxiety had expanded since leaving her mom’s home, let specialists know that all she needed to do was choke her ex.

How The Murder Of Baby Jones Took Place? As indicated by court records, Fernandez admitted to hammering her child on the floor the morning he was sick since she was disturbed from being exhausted and believed that him should return to rest when police educated her regarding the discoveries.

As per court filings, she at first let investigators know that she didn’t intend to “hammer” her child to the ground yet in the end admitted to hitting him in April and seven days before his demise since he would not nod off.

The reasonable justification records, Fernandez called 911 dispatch on May 23 to report that her child wasn’t breathing and wasn’t responding. The kid was proclaimed dead by showing up clinical faculty, and agents noticed swelling on the kid.