Is Lil Duval OK? Video shows comedian strapped to gurney after car at ‘full speed’ rams his ATV

Roland Powell, most popular by his stage name Lil Duval, was taken to the medical clinic on July 26 subsequent to being hit by a vehicle while working an off-road vehicle in the Bahamas. He was participated in a crash that left him with a wrecked hip and minor injuries, and was then taken to the capital of the Bahamas for clinical consideration.

Duval said in an Instagram video he delivered on Tuesday that he had been hit by a vehicle while riding a four-wheeler. In the video, he is tied to a cart and being taken to a rescue vehicle while wearing cloth wraps on his body and brow. “Presently my leg cracked and I want go flown over to Nassau and have a medical procedure,” he included his post.

Is Lil Duval OK? He refreshed his admirers on Twitter in an alternate post on his condition, telling them that he is in torment and unfit to return calls and messages. He wrote in the Instagram post’s subtitle, “Sneak Dogg answered to his Instagram post, “Damn coz u great? Broke my hip not my leg that is far more detestable but rather I’m still chillin though might no one at any point take my satisfaction.”

Moreover, Duval’s representative furnished TMZ with an assertion “When Lil Duval was riding a 4-wheeler and a vehicle slammed into him, it caused a car crash that left him with a wrecked hip and other minor injuries. He is being shipped from Nassau to Jacksonville, Florida, in stable condition, to be treated at a close by office that has the capacity and devices to do the essential surgeries for recuperation.”

Fans shared their help and help as Duval keeps on areas of strength for leftover tweeting, “I ain’t have no interior dying, the specialist said it unimaginable being that I got hit by a vehicle rolling without holding anything back.” “I’m feeling quite a bit better that you can type and seem OK. I’m appealing to God for fast recuperating, brother.” Another individual remarked, “Say thanks to God! ”

Numerous supporters and companions, including Ludacris and Jamie Foxx, wished Duval a quick recuperation and left remarks on his Instagram photograph hoping everything turns out great for him. Ludacris stated: “Get Well My Guy.” Jamie Foxx added: “Petitioning God for you champ… Get well right away.

” XZIBIT added: “Get Well My Guy.” “Aw buddy. “Damn Bruh!!!!! Numerous Blessings over you and each and every individual who shining through. I love you all,” Anthony Hamilton composed. “Pls be well.” Rapper 2chainz answered: “Dam brother I genuinely want to believe that you great.” TI answered: “Maaaaan I’m gon supplicate that you recover first. Then track down it in yo heart to sitcho old ass down some place and rest big brother.” Amen.

Duval facilitated “Ain’t That America” on MTV2 from 2013 to 2014. He has additionally showed up on MTV programs like “Wild ‘N Out,” “Fellow Code,” and “Hip Hop Squares.” notwithstanding parody, Duval has areas of strength for a vocation. His 2018 single, “Grin (Living My Best Life),” topped at No. 1 on both the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay outline and the Billboard Hot 100.