Irichelle Duran: 5 Untold Facts On Roberto Duran Children

The previous Panamanian expert fighter Roberto Duran has a little girl named Irichelle Duran, who emulated his example.

Born as an offspring of a notable competitor who achieved extraordinary accomplishments, Irichelle got roused by her dad and sought after a boxing vocation.

Nonetheless, she didn’t rearward in that frame of mind for a really long time; the fighter just battled three sessions, won one by knockout and lost the other two. Subsequently, she sought after various profession ways and turned into a boxing essayist and columnist.

Roberto Duran Kids: Meet His Little girl Irichelle Duran Irichelle Duran is one of the six kids born to the previous expert fighter Roberto Duran who contended from 1968 to 2001.

Name Irichelle Duran
Born November 18, 1976
Birthplace Panama City, Panama
Parents Roberto Duran and Felicidad’ Fula’ Iglesias
Height 5 feet and 3½ inches (161cm)

Roberto held big showdowns in lightweight, welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight; he is the second fighter to have contended north of fifty years, losing the principal spot to Jack Johnson.

Moreover, he finished his vocation in 2002 at age 50 with an expert record of 119 battles, 103 successes with 70 knockouts, and 16 misfortunes; he likewise chose to resign in November 1980, June 1984, and August 1998 yet adjusted his perspective. Notwithstanding, a mishap (an auto collision) he had in Argentina in October 2001 caused him to go through life-saving a medical procedure, so he quit any pretense of battling following the occurrence.

Irichelle Duran Wikipedia: She Is Likewise A Fighter Irichelle emulated her dad’s example and sought after a boxing vocation; she battled three sessions expertly yet didn’t keep battling long haul like Roberto.

The fighter made her expert presentation on the fourth of August 2000 and battled Geraldine Iglesias, per a source; in any case, she lost the match. Later on the fifth of October 2000, she won the battle against Marylin Hernandez by knockout.

Besides, she lost her last battle to Angie Bordelon on the 22nd of May 2002; from that point forward, she has never made her ring appearance. Nonetheless, her adoration for sports won’t ever blur.

Duran is presently dynamic as a boxing essayist and writer; she is likewise into narratives and is working with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins on a venture. The essayist utilizes her Instagram, @irichelleduran, to keep her well-wishers refreshed on her way of life.

Irichelle Duran Has Five Kin Duran isn’t the lone offspring of the Panamanian legend Roberto; she has five kin, in particular Robin Durán, Dalia Durán, Giovana Durán, Víctor Durán, and Roberto Duran.

One of her brothers Alcibiade Durán, who goes by the ring name ‘Roberto Duran Jr.,’ is a master fighter; he has won eight sessions and lost three. The warrior dominated his most memorable game against Miguel Spirits on the 23rd of Walk 2018 and lost his last battle to Jake Robinson on the 22nd of October 2022. Be that as it may, Alcibiade has no memory of his father as he grew up with his maternal family. Likewise, Irichelle has posted pictures with her different kin on her virtual entertainment however not him.

Regardless, the Duran faction has settled down and has flourishing professions. They are dynamic via online entertainment under the handles @robinduran20, @bramduran, @joduran10, and @duranfulo.

Irichelle Duran Is A Glad Mother Duran is a glad mother; she has a child named Antonio Roberto, and he is into football, not boxing or battling. Coming from an athletic family probably impacted him to play sports since early on.

Antonio is 15 years of age, born on the twelfth of June 2007, and he played his most memorable counterpart for his school in 2019. He is a strong youngster who never abandons his enthusiasm. Nonetheless, the teen’s dad’s character has stayed a secret. The footballer began his secondary educational season with a cracked left-hand finger and injuries wherever while getting kneads on the knee consistently and ice packs for the aggravation.

However he kept playing and as of late played in all out attack mode line with his group at the AMDG Bowl 2022; the competitor is a sophomore at Belen Jesuit Private academy. In this manner, Irichelle is a glad mother and the biggest enthusiast of Roberto; she is an exceptionally steady and empowering mother who has consistently accepted that studies and sports are the ideal mixes for bringing up a kid.

Irichelle Duran Age And Level: How Old Tall Would she say she is? Irichelle is 45 years of age and stands 5 feet and 3½ inches tall ( 161cm); she was born to Roberto Duran and Felicidad’ Fula’ Iglesias.

The master fighter who appeared on the fourth of August 2000 was born in 1976. She will mark her 46th birthday celebration on the nineteenth of November, 2022.

Moreover, her mother and father invited her following four years of marriage. Roberto and Felicidad strolled down the walkway in 1972 and praised their 50 years together on the 31st of January, 2022.

Duran loves her folks to the moon and back and consistently offers thanks for everything. Dad and momma Duran are her good examples; she feels the most fortunate to be their little girl.