Intence Release Vybz Kartel and JahShiiIn Diss Track “Correction”

Dancehall star Intence is causing a stir with his new tune “Rectification,” in which he apparently goes after Vybz Kartel, Jahshii, and Kartel’s right-hand man Sikka Rymes. Intence isn’t new to discussions and hamburgers.

As a matter of fact, his profession is based on discussions, so it’s nothing unexpected he is rocking the boat in the wake of releasing his new track on the wireless transmissions. The Jett Life disk jockey began the Modern Music and Life size test model Creations delivered tune saying he needs to calls no names, passing on fans to conjecture from his rhymes.

While Vybz Kartel gives off an impression of being his essential objective in the tune, Intence infused a speedy line about a craftsman who shot themself. “Dah one deh terrible fi shot himself,” he DJ. Fans rushed to call attention to that JahShii conceded in a meeting with Anthony Mill operator of Amusement Report last year that he once shot himself. The meeting circulated around the web for that, among different reasons.

Intence apparently accentuated this line pointed toward Vybz Kartel, who is presently detained. “No kid cant gimme visit weh nah f*** suh uno construct,” he DJs. The dancehall craftsman again went after the Worl’Boss in the zinger where he sings, “Snicker after dem, ha ha haa, a nuh me make uno naa get nuh play on words na naa.”

In any case, it very well may be a stretch to single out Vybz Kartel as the essential objective in those lines since the previous Portmore Domain emcee is presently drawn in to his sweetheart of seven years, Sidem Öztürk. She has been visiting him at the Skyline Grown-up Remand Place, where he is housed, so maybe he is additionally getting “intimate” visits. Obviously, in Intence eyes, he isn’t getting any “play on words na naa.”

One specific line is an unmistakable shot at Kartel’s right-hand man, Sikka Rymes, who was shot multiple times in December 2019 in St. Andrew. “Dem couldn’t frantic fi terrible mi up, dem never awful a Liguanea,” Intence disk jockeys, apparently suggesting when the craftsman was shot in a similar area.

Intence additionally delivered the tune with a going with music video coordinated by Jerro Will. Fans have additionally been responding to the diss record, with generally adulating the “New Stuff” disk jockey for the work.

“To be straightforward intence stream smooth and clean every melody intence drop it have an alternate stream this craftsman actually an expressive machine,” one fan composed while one more added, “To diss Vybz Kartel and JahShii in a similar tune a no typical disagreeableness man say anything an anything mi like the energies for dancehall yet Jashii a quitter him nah go answer and Sikka no prepared for this degree of melodious fighting.”

“Intence hit the objective straight with this one am knocking it until the end of the year dem man better resign,” another fan composed. Pay attention to the tune “Remedy” underneath.