Imlie: Karan Vohra Talks About His Role As Agastya

Star In addition to show ‘Imlie’ is good to go for a redo. After the exit of Fahmaan and Sumbul, the new cast will before long enter the show.

Entertainers Megha Chakroborty, Seerat Kapoor, and Karan Vohra have been roped in to exposition the lead jobs in the show.

Entertainer Karan Vohra discussed it during a new meeting and shared, “Truly, I’m not a lot into all of this.

These things like strain, TRPs, and all don’t actually irritate me. I’m more centered around my exhibition and taking care of my business impeccably. Also, throughout everyday life, facing challenges is significant too. I’m excited to figure out how things would end up being with this show”.

At the point when asked what drove him to sign the show, he said, “Gul Khan and Four Lions are known names in the business. Their shows have consistently figured out how to catch individuals’ eye and gathered fans’ affection.

I’m returning to TV after a hole of more than two years and one reason was I was getting comparative sorts of characters. A presumptuous person wearing tuxedos and I needed to investigate different sorts of characters and with ‘Imlie’ I’m getting to do precisely that.

I’ll play a DJ (Disco Jokey) in the show named Agastya. He is dynamic, crazy, and all that I haven’t played up until this point. It’s astonishing and charming for me”.

He added, “My brother Kunal is a DJ, all things considered, so I’ve been noticing him and attempting to incorporate little subtleties into my personality”.