Imlie 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan Proves Imlie’s Innocence

Star In addition to’s day to day cleanser Rajjo is preparing for more show with Rajjo joining with her mother, Manorama.

In the ongoing story, it’s seen that Pushkar acquaints Manorama with Arjun and his loved ones. He flaunts about tracking down Manorama. Arjun is going to take Manorama to meet Rajjo. Pushkar stops Arjun. He controls Arjun that Rajjo can’t bear any shock in her flow medical issue and her wellbeing can deteriorate assuming she meets Manorama.

He in a roundabout way powers Manorama to acknowledge his choice. Arjun vows to Manorama to safeguard Rajjo. Arjun takes the scarf from Manorama so Rajjo feels her presence through that scarf. Rajjo acquires cognizance and finds out about her mother’s presence by finding a piece of broken bangle of her mom hanging in the scarf.

She encourages Arjun to let know if her mother has come. Arjun lets Rajjo know that her mother has been found and she is ground floor. Rajjo hurries to track down her mother. She sees her leaving in a vehicle. She pursues the vehicle.

Rajjo figures out how to discover the vehicle utilizing her athletic ability. Manorama additionally sees Rajjo. At last, Manorama and Rajjo are brought together and share a close to home embrace.

In the impending episode, it will be seen that Rajjo will request that Pushkar get a new line of work for herself as well as her mother in Lucknow. Manorama will tell Arjun that Rajjo needs to get back to the town as her marriage is fixed with Vicky.

Both Arjun and Rajjo will be stunned to hear this. Rajjo will come to Arjun’s home to meet Arjun. The last option will race to Rajjo. Madhu will close the principal entryway at Rajjo’s face, keeping her from meeting Arjun.

Will Rajjo consent to wed Vicky? Will Arjun understand his affections for Rajjo and will he stop her wedding? Remain tuned to this space for the most recent update on your #1 show.