“I’m safe”, Sabinus speaks after surviving car accident

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, usually known as Oga Sabinus, is a notable Nigerian humorist who has endure a fender bender on Sunday morning.

As per reports, he was working his vehicle in Lagos when an alcoholic driver slammed into it. Pictures taken at the scene uncovered that the vehicle had harm to the region of the hood where it was struck.


After the episode, Oga Sabinus went live on Instagram to promise his allies that he was OK. For the ones calling, Sabinus remarked, “I’m getting texts, and all is well. Be not scared. The main thing I continue to pester is that individuals shouldn’t drive drunk. It is whenever I first have seen a vehicle going in one path while another auto going somewhere new converges into the principal path and dissipates the engine”.

“We acclaim God. We express gratitude toward God for life first. Accordingly, Sabinues, I am safe and safe. I’m good. Be not apprehensive,” he proceeded. “Those with filthy or messy hands are the ones that die. Much thanks to you, God”, he finished up.