“I’m Going To Drink Your Tears.” Tems Drags On Stage Nigerians Who Are Upset About Her ‘forced S*xual Appeal.’

Tems, a popular Nigerian singer, and a few Nigerian social media clients who are unhappy with her latest stage performance are at present feuding on Twitter.

According to the disgruntled fans, Tems lacks the sex appeal she’s trying “so hard” to project on stage.


They proceeded to say that she is only doing it because of companion strain and that it is bad for her. Tems responded to the sob for help by writing, “I WILL DRINK YOUR TEARS.”

“Tems u are promising artiste, one of the best upcomers in the game right now however u need to!” Work on your live performance; it isn’t entertaining or electrifying to watch.

R is being duplicated! Hannah, everyone is special, so act naturally and do things as you would prefer. Please accept my apologies.” Daniel Regha composed.

“Bumbum wey no dey shake… ” Chiziri Newman composed.

Return us to the old Tems abeg. I don’t want to see her bumbum again as a fan. “Fallen hand.”

“Make management change this content, she’s not her,” Kussman composed.

Ajebo “She’s pushing the sexual appeal out of friend strain, and it’s not working,” It’s not her, I agree.” Danny composed.

“Nigerian female big name both actress and musician talent 100 percent, dressing 100 percent yet dancing!

“I’m actually waiting for someone to show me a Nigerian female big name who is great at dancing, other than the purported dancers on Instagram.” Mortenn composed.

“I really wish female artists were not made to push their markets using their sensuality,” I especially trust that female artists will not follow this content.

For what reason can’t they simply sing and dance? “Are they expected to shake bumbum?” Ms Sweet Soul composed.

“See, I have my own sort of dance,” Tems wrote in another tweet. I’m aware of how it appears. It’s so beautiful and natural. It’s my one-of-a-kind dance.

So you’ll simply have to become acclimated to it and rock out with me. Because that nonsense is here to stay.”