I will never apologise for being weird – Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood diva and competitor for representative legislative head of Rivers State, has addressed a message to the individuals who dislike her way of life. Totnto Dikeh, who distinguished as an overthinker, composed on her authority Instagram account that she could never apologize for being weird.

“Omo I’m an over-scholar and I am barely ever wrong..Never apologize for being common or bizarre. Commend your distinction.” Tonto Dikeh posted.


Review that Tonto Dikeh as of late declared that she was finished acting and demanded that the aftereffects of the races in 2016 wouldn’t change her see any problems.

Regardless of whether her party loses the governorship race in Rivers State, Tonto proclaimed in a meeting with BBC News Pidgin that she wouldn’t get back to acting.

When inquired as to whether she has totally resigned from acting, the mother of one said, “I could do without films like that once more and it’s been quite a while since I followed up on screen, you know. I’ve acted in around two movies in 10 years, I value that my way begun from Nollywood, it is something that I regard, yet not something has been a major part of my life. So even after the political race, it’s not something I’ll get back to, yet I’ll very much want to add to the business when I get into power.”