“I Wasn’t Happy On Our Wedding Anniversary, And I Couldn’t Fake It.” Stan Nze Discusses Marital Problems.

Stan Nze, a well known entertainer, has made another disclosure about his union with partner Gift Jessica Obasi. Stan Nze and his better half as of late praised their most memorable commemoration, and he focused on how things went that day. While their fans thought their big day was happy and deserving of festivity, the couple felt the inverse. Stan Nze uncovered that he and his better half had contended and were feeling unique.

The entertainer uncovered this in a meeting with TVC’s Dark Table. Stan uncovered that he and his more established spouse had a significant run in light of the fact that they had contended and neither was ready to think twice about, thus, the two had gone to chapel harsh regardless of it being their commemoration.


Stan Nze saw how miserable he showed up in the viral video. He was unable to conceal his discontent and imagined that all was great between them. To conceal, his better half put his terrible state of mind on being personal, and he felt miserable realizing he was unable to say reality.

“The times my significant other and I have battled is on the grounds that you know you dey vex, I dey vex, I no gree today.”

We went to chapel on our commemoration without saying anything. We showed up at chapel and evidently had a local area of fans who accompanied cash cakes and food plate outside the congregation. I was griping about being late in light of the fact that I wasn’t in that frame of mind. I was disturbed in light of the fact that she posted the video and I was unable to counterfeit it. My better half imagined that I was vexed, however the reality of the situation was that we weren’t talking.”

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