‘I was subjected to severe domestic violence,’ says Sylvia Ukaatu on her relationship with her baby daddy.

Sylvia Ukaatu, a Nollywood entertainer and maker who has showed up in a few movies since her presentation in 2008, has taken a stand in opposition to her child daddy’s abusive behavior at home.

In a meeting, the single parent of one depicted how she was exposed to close to home and actual maltreatment on account of her ex-sweetheart.


“I encountered viciousness during my relationship with my child Father,” she made sense of. I was going through a profound disease around then, so it was anything but an entertaining encounter. I was biting the dust gradually however grinning to conceal it. A couple of loved ones knew about it. It’s not something you ought to post via virtual entertainment; it’s something you can choose for yourself.”

“Not really much,” Ms Ukaatu said when asked how she dealt with the circumstance. I just left since joy and genuine serenity are my inspirations, and anything that removes those from me is a no, so I left and am happy I did.”

In light of an inquiry regarding the kind of discipline Aggressive behavior at home culprits ought to confront, Sylvia Ukaatu expressed, “Discussing discipline? Do they truly require it? No, I accept they ought to go to a recovery place since they are not ordinary; something is off-base some place. Any individual who does this is a powerless individual who conceals his shortcoming behind brutality. I accept they ought to be kept in a recovery office to assist them with recuperating from anything the issue is.”