“I Use To Be Obsessed With ‘Y@nsh’, Now I Don’t Even Have An Er3ction Anymore” – Charly Boy Speaks

Charly Kid, a media figure, discusses the progressions in his day to day existence that have driven him to uncertainty whether there is such an incredible concept as man.

Oneself depicted Region Fada presented a video on his authority Twitter account describing a portion of the things he did when he was more youthful, including his wanton way of life, wearing dreadlocks, and investing his bicycle first at the effort.


The 72-year-old likewise unveiled that he had a few kids by having various pregnancies, some of which were never at any point perceived when he was alive.

As per Charly Kid, these things are presently inane to him.

He no longer rides his bicycle, shaved off his dreadlocks when the hair began dropping out, and not at all like previously, when he was focused on a lady’s back, he isn’t even equipped for having an erection.

To close, he welcomed everybody to share their points of view on life.

Inscribing the video, he composed: “LIFE HAS At last HAPPENED TO ME”