I Miss Taking Care Of You – Skales’ Wife Writes After Mother-in-law’s Death Amidst Separation Rumor

Valuable a.k.a. Hasanity, the spouse of the Nigerian craftsman Skales, has taken a stand in opposition to the death of her mother by marriage.

After Hasanity neglected to compose a public tribute for her mother by marriage and Skales utilized online entertainment to caution against wedding a brutal lady and request supplications for his psychological wellness, there were reports that the couple was having conjugal issues.


Since Skales’ mom has died, the model has composed a tribute to her, conceding that it required her an investment to move past the misfortune.

Hasanity shared a video of them living it up and communicated her lament for not playing with her mother by marriage’s cheek.

She expressed; “Took me some time to recuperate from this mom, you will always be missed.

I’ll miss playing with your cheeks, I will miss you letting me know my dress is excessively short, who will refer to me as “my pikin”?

“I love you yet God loves you more mom. I’ll miss every one of the times we spent, I’ll continuously miss dealing with you, and presently I will gisting with you, however it is well… .

‘Goodnight sovereign”.