I Had To Spit And Rinse My Mouth With Water—Dabo Recounts How He Acted A Kiss Scene With A Smoker.

The notable Nigerian entertainer Jibola Dabo has discussed his acting vocation and a portion of the troubles he confronted growing up.

Jibola Dabo allegedly expressed so in a meeting with Emmanuel Ojo, as per reports.


Everything began when I started acting before I joined 1st grade in Owo, Ondo state, however it wasn’t proficient at that point.

Being Samson in the Samson and Delilah legend at the time made me very popular. That occurred in 1963. He talked

While tending to his family ancestry, he made clearly his family was neither poor nor well off.

He recognized that his dad died when he was eleven, and that he needed to show up on Saturday or Sunday at a building site to help his mom.

Jibola Dabo likewise uncovered that he was the third youngster and the second male in a group of six.

During the meeting, he expressed that he needed to have an impact in a film situation where he needed to kiss a man, yet sadly for him, the man was a smoker.

He supposedly said, “I disdain cigarettes and smoking and I couldn’t actually deal with it,” in one of his assertions.

He needed to have an impact in a film wherein he needed to kiss a man; sadly, the man was a smoker.

I continued to kiss his lips, however the chief continued to say, “Cut!” I went outside to spit and wash my mouth. He talked

He went on by expressing that subsequent to executing the scene, he got a few calls from people inquisitive about his viewpoints on kissing a man.