‘I Don’t Need Money For Food Or Drugs, Give Me Money To Buy Weed’ – Nosa Rex Shares Message He Received From Fan

Nosa Rex, a content designer and entertainer, related the entertaining letter he got from a man arguing for cash.

The man asserted that as opposed to needing to purchase dinners, he really wanted cash to purchase weed, which he would then consume to unwind.


He guarantees that the cash he had was shipped off his mom so she could purchase nourishment for the house, which is the reason he is at present short on reserves.

Since he is looking great and needn’t bother with the cash for clinical consideration, the fan asserted he intentionally decided not to say he required it.

He guaranteed that being an adult is unquestionably discouraging and troublesome, and that the main thing that can make him cheerful and permit him to think plainly is being a kid.

The individual underlined that he doesn’t utilize opiates and that the main unlawful thing he consumes is cannabis, additionally alluded to as “weed.”

He cleared up for Nosa that he generally purchases nourishment for his home when he is paid and that this is the ongoing situation, which is the reason he really wants the cash.

The entertainer, who was presently quiet, inquired as to whether he ought to think about the man’s solicitation and pay him some cash.