‘I Don’t Have Money But I Won’t Collect A Dime From Anybody To Vote In 2023’ – Charles Awurum

Veteran Nollywood entertainer, Charles Awurum, has communicated his stand on individual performers who are monetarily affected to decide in favor of clumsy applicants come the 2023 general decisions.

In a new meeting, Awurum expressed that he is against his partners who tossed their weight behind lawmakers.


Awurum said, “It is ineptitude for one to help individuals who can’t work on the country. Individuals will continuously realize that one is doing it on account of cash. I don’t have cash yet I won’t gather cash from anyone in return for deciding in favor of them when I realize the individual isn’t good for the workplace. (For performers who backing such legislators), that is their business. In any case, I think we as a whole, as Nigerians, ought to meet up and consider how to work on the country.”

The entertainer likewise kept up with that however play creators are expanding in ubiquity, they can’t progressively get rid of regular entertainers. He said, “I can’t be progressively transitioned away from. What I have is God’s gift; it isn’t workable (for me to be dislodged).”

Awurum additionally noticed that on many events, he needs to drive individuals to truly take him. He said, “There are so often that individuals don’t view me in a serious way, and I need to compel them to truly take me. Now and again when they see me, they would simply begin chuckling. However, when I begin talking, they would realize that I am significant. I don’t do parody outside TV. At the point when I am not on set, I am unique.”

Encouraging Nigerians to decide in favor of the right applicants, come 2023, he said, “We should cast a ballot the ideal individuals into elective workplaces. At the point when we vote in favor of the ideal people, we will actually want to consider them responsible. Also, in the event that they don’t do what individuals need, we would transform them. More individuals should be essential for the framework.”