I am a hopeless romantic person and I am never ashamed to fall in love -Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Gift Sunday is a Nigerian entertainer, has conceded to being a sad heartfelt.

Nkechi, who has been in and out of connections, has expressed that she isn’t afraid to become hopelessly enamored. Nkechi uncovered this on her Instagram page by relating a video of a couple in adoration that she ran over, which made her grin and made her contemplate how delightful life should be the point at which we see individuals in affection.


The dazzling thrilling mother of one proceeded to ask when Nigeria turned into a country that is negative when couples are infatuated.

She encouraged her fans to pick love and thoughtfulness over harshness in light of the fact that the world is going through a troublesome time.

“I coincidentally found a couple cherished up video earlier today and it made me grin soo much that I said a request for them, and wished them a lifetime joy,” That is the manner by which life ought to be the point at which you see individuals in affection and cheerful. Nkechi composed. “Be glad for themselves and hope everything turns out great for them.

When did we become so pessimistic in Nigeria that when two individuals are cheerful, the principal thing that strikes a chord is Cynicism?” The world is going through such an excess of currently that the main thing we want right presently is to offer love and grace, in light of the fact that such countless individuals are going through such a lot of that they can’t fill anybody in about!!!

If it’s not too much trouble, pick benevolence over b*tterness in all that you do throughout everyday life. I’m a sad heartfelt, and I’m not afraid to become hopelessly enamored over and over.”