Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’: Lucy And Stephen Meet For The First Time In Premiere Sneak Peek

This moment is the ideal open door to enter the universe of Hulu’s Tell Me Lies. The serious new show, boss conveyed by Emma Roberts, follows the tempestuous heartfelt story of young sweethearts, Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White), who meet at school and ranges the course of eight years. Lucy’s obsession with Stephen starts to take a turn when she sorts out he isn’t who he proclaims to be.

ET exclusively shows up a sneak look from the series debut, which familiarizes Lucy with her new flatmate and the social event of young women who will in a little while transform into her chief companion organization. As they walk around the grounds, Lucy gazes at Stephen, who’s casually sitting on the grass with his buddies, from across grounds.

Much to her consternation that their one teasing look will completely change themselves forever. Emma Roberts Explains Why She’s Producing, But Not Starring in Steamy New Drama ‘Let me in on Lies’ Tell me Lies follows a wild anyway intoxicating relationship as it spreads out all through eight years. Right when Lucy and Stephen meet at school, they are at that formative age when evidently unremarkable choices lead the way to extremely durable results.

In spite of the way that their relationship begins like any ordinary grounds feeling, they quickly fall into a propensity framing trap that will forever change their continues with, but the presence of everyone around them. The series relies upon the first class novel through Carola Lovering.

“I figure we can see ourselves, we can see our sidekicks… I feel like there’s constantly a period, when you’re energetic where it’s like, ‘Goodness, I should have been as of late based more on myself as opposed to an individual,’ or you see your friend being like, ‘why might you say you are so focused on that person? Forge ahead?’ And accordingly, I feel that that is something everyone can altogether associate with,” Roberts said.

The series furthermore stars Branden Cook, Spencer House, Sonia Mena, Catherine Missal, Benjamin Wadsworth and Alicia Crowder.