Hilarious Moment Woman Charged Newly-married Rapper, Mi Abaga To Say ‘amen’ While ‘Kabashing’ Against Side Chic Temptation

At rapper MI Abaga’s customary wedding to Eniola Mafe, a Nigerian lady started entertaining responses from the participants.

On September 22, 2022, the pair got hitched, and family, companions, and associates were for the most part present.


A lady petitioned God for the love birds during the gathering, and she ensured MI answered “So be it.”
He giggled as she petitioned God for him to be content with his significant other and quit looking outside, however he did as she mentioned him to say So be it.

Everybody snickered as the lady said, “Some other lady’s bossom would be harsh to the honor winning artiste.” elsewhere in the world, Brite Bensons, a performer, has gotten down on content creator Carter Efe for supposedly taking a tune.

This is the second time a craftsman has claimed that they legitimately own a tune. The craftsman stated that he bought the music from Ceeza Milli determined to deliver it when he was prepared, however Carter Efe suddenly shared a sneak look of the track on his Instagram account.

Subsequent to discovering that the melody was likewise bought by the content maker from Ceeza Milli, Brite blamed the last option for taking it.

Carter had expressed that he will deliver his own form of the melody on September 29; notwithstanding, Brite decided to share his rendition prior.

He then tasted every one of them and seen that while the production creator’s was simply a copied rendition, his was the real deal.

The vocalist requested that supporters look into his interpretation with Carter Efe’s by watching a video of both.