‘He’s Taking Care Of My Soul’ – Toyin Lawani Reveals Main Reason She Married Her Young Photographer, Segun Wealth

Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire, a fashion planner and notable big name stylist, has revealed more reasons why she married her photographer, Segun Wealth.

The serial baby mama stated on her Instagram page that she is a materialistic woman who favors love over other things on the planet.


Toyin Lawani posted a video on Instagram emphasizing the importance of loving someone who will take care of one’s spirit and body, captioning it, “Indeed, I’m a material young lady, and I’m willing to work for it, yet I don’t focus on it while choosing a soul mate; instead, consider who wants to see you succeed, not the people who want you to conform to their cravings; you can’t see this much talent and want it to simply sit in a house and serve you.

My dreams matter, your dreams matter, and having kids or a husband shouldn’t hinder them. You can pick all of this while remaining consistent with yourself.

Anyone who genuinely adores you won’t want to change you. Regardless of whether it is inconvenient for them, they will push you until you achieve your goals.

Your prosperity will be determined by the partner you pick. Take note of that. I’m glad I went with you, @segun wealth.

Toyin Lawani had a lied about her beforehand unpretentiously called out an actress age by a decade. Lawani made this revelation in response to individuals on the internet who lie about their age.

The mother of three wondered, via her checked Instagram page, why individuals, particularly female celebrities, would diminish their age each time they celebrate their birthday online.

“Please, I have a special question?” she composed. For what reason truly do individuals accept they should lie about their age? At the point when children are more youthful, similar to 13, they want to claim they are 18, when they progress in years, they want to claim they are more youthful, this nonsense is currently exceptionally common, is it for acceptance for sure, I don’t be aware, I know one Aunty who is 46 yet celebrates 36. I asked her why, and she said it was because that was the age nollywood gave her, and she accepted it.