He’s Not In His Right Senses- Naira Marley Reacts To Mohbad’s Allegation Of Being Assaulted

The arguable and famous Nigerian rapper Naira Marley answered whilst his artist Mohbad claimed that he had told his boys to assault Mohbad.

After arriving at the sanatorium, Mohbad had in advance sobbed and said that Naira had despatched his thugs to assault him considering that he had asked for a new control.


According to Mohbad, his manager became opposed to the choice because the author of Marlian Music is his brother.

The performer uploaded a video of the injuries he received because of the attack on various frame components.

The singer of the track “Ko Por Ke” alleged that Naira watched them beat him with out intervening.
He took to his Twitter web page and cried out for help, announcing that he is sober and no longer intoxicated so no person need to agree with any announcement released from the label that he become excessive at the same time as making the allegation.

In a series of tweets, Mohbad wrote; ”Just due to the fact I want to trade my manager that is their brother, see what they did to me at Marlian House.
I’m no longer excessive oo cos that what Dey continually say just to die down the whole thing. World pls assist me oo. I’m loss of life inside. I’m on the health facility for a CT Scan for head impact and chest X-ray because of the assault.

I had the assembly clearheaded and without any drug have an effect on too. Everything he stated at the live video is a blatant lie. This isn’t the primary time. The ultimate video became made out to appear like I became excessive or overreacting. My lifestyles is being critically threatened.”

Naira Marley responded by way of pronouncing on Instagram stay that the accusations are unfaithful because Mohbad isn’t within the proper body of mind.

He also denied the statement that his brother is the singer’s manager and disclosed that he has left his flat.

According to the singer of “Tesumole,” Mohbad stormed his studio with three men if you want to begin a brawl.