Hayden Panettiere Says Relinquishing Custody of Daughter Was the ‘Most Heartbreaking Thing’

Hayden Panettiere is sharing her reality about the care of her daughter Kaya.

The actress, 33, appears on this week’s new episode of Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk, opening up to co-has Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield Norris, and visitor have Kelly Osbourne about the “exceptionally upsetting” experience of relinquishing care of her only youngster to ex Wladimir Klitschko.


In a clasp from the RTT conversation shared solely with Individuals, Panettiere calls signing the guardianship papers the “most heartbreaking thing I’ve at any point had to do in my life.”

“You thought this was an agreement that you came to that it was best that your daughter accompany her dad,” Pinkett Smith asks the actress to clarify.

“At first it was not because it was anything but a discussion,” the actress explains.

“On the off chance that [Klitschko] had come to me and said I think because of where you’re at this moment and your battles that you’re having it might really work out for her to be here with me for some time — which assuming I had probably had a sufficient conversation I would’ve said okay that makes sense, I get it, I’ll come there to visit and stuff like that.”

“Because of the way that it was done, it was exceptionally upsetting,” she continues.

“I mean, it was the most horrendously awful signing those papers, the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever, at any point had to do in my life.”

Panettiere proceeded to clarify that the “papers were to give [Klitschko] full care.” “I was gonna go work on myself, I was gonna improve, and when I got better then things would change and she could come to me and I could have my experience with her however that didn’t happen,” she adds.

In July, Panettiere addressed Individuals about her relationship with 7-year-old daughter Kaya.

“Gracious my golly, that youngster came out of me,” said the Nashville star with a laugh. “However, she is smarter than me. And she’s going to be taller than me!”

In 2018, amidst Panettiere’s battle with addiction to alcohol and pills, the actress made the heartbreaking decision for Kaya to go live in Ukraine with boxing champ Klitschko, Kaya’s father, from whom Panettiere split that year.

“It was the hardest thing I could do,” she recalled. “Yet, the best thing for my daughter was to make sure she was okay, take care of myself and make sure I could be a decent mother to her.

And at times that means letting go.”

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