Haunted Mansion: Winona Ryder And Dan Levy Cameo In Disney’s New Movie

Chief Justin Simien is working steadily on the after-creation process for Tormented Chateau, Disney’s latest injury at bringing the praiseworthy entertainment mecca to screens. Besides, he appeared at the association’s D23 event with film and news to share, including the way that Winona Ryder and Schitt’s River’s Dan Duty’s appearance in the film.

Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish are highlighted in the new film, which follows a family (drove by Dawson’s single parent) that moves into the ostensible house. Stanfield would be a solitary man who once had confidence in the magnificent yet is right now a genuinely lethargic neighborhood escort in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Haddish would play a visionary utilized to the local area with the dead.


“I associated with it. I felt like I understood I could make it. I was a fanboy, so I got a handle on the ride,” Simien, a past Disneyland specialist himself said before an audience at D23. “I expected to guarantee all of the nuances and Hidden little goodies were there.”

Moreover, no doubt, the recording shown had a great deal of characters and references for the people who love the ride. Jared Leto is playing the popular Hatbox Phantom, while no less a horrible image than Jamie Lee Curtis is Madame Leota, Otherwise known as the floating head in the valuable stone ball. Moreover in the cast? Owen Wilson as a rude clergyman, while Danny DeVito is a local educator.