Hasan Minhaj Defiantly Takes On ‘Celebrity’ ‘Jeopardy!’ Backlash: ‘Fans Weren’t Having It’

Hasan Minhaj had a couple of comments about the reaction he’s gotten subsequent to showing up on VIP Risk! The Nationalist Demonstration have defied the extraordinary reaction from his appearance on the long-running match-up show during a plunk down with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s episode of The This evening Show.

“This previous week I was on Big name Peril! furthermore, presently fanatics of Peril! disdain my guts,” Minhaj, 37, told Fallon, 48. “I have this special ability to annoy committed geeks.”


Helpfully, Fallon’s team had made a supercut of Minhaj’s most enlivened minutes — activities that drove some Twitter clients to consider “irritating” and “horrendously unfunny.” One pundit ventured to such an extreme as to call Minhaj the most exceedingly terrible competitor in Danger! history.

“I was simply playing with force and energy,” Minhaj told Fallon.

“I was into it,” Minhaj said after the clasp played. “In the event that you take care of business, hold tight the edge.” Yet, he recognized, the “fans weren’t having it.”

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Minhaj singled out one remark as particularly extreme to take — the hammer that he was “the most irritating contender” in the show’s set of experiences.

“That one hurt since, you know, the show’s been on for more than 58 years — and they’ve had 15,000 contenders on the show. What’s more, Dr. Oz was a challenger,” he said.

The comic — who’d told have Mayim Bialik during his appearance in the competition that he originally associated with Danger! while watching with his dad — then jested, “Perhaps my father was off-base. He said I’d never break records on that show.” Minhaj then, at that point, set up for an expression of remorse to Danger! fans — however it took an unexpected turn.

“To the devotees of Risk!,” he started, perusing from a notecard.

“I need to take this second to apologize. Danger! fans, check me out. Please accept my apologies I parched an American establishment.

Please accept my apologies I tore your 7 p.m. straight television pacifier out of your geriatric mouth. Also, above all, Please accept my apologies for attempting to make Peril! fun.”

The VIP Danger! competition proceeds — without Minhaj — Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.