Has Instagram Deleted Hushpuppi’s Page With 2.8M Followers? Here Is What We Know

Ramon Hushpuppi Abbas, one of the most notable swindlers in Nigeria is confronting preliminary in the US, nonetheless, his Instagram account is mysteriously absent.

Review that in 2020, the notorious yippee kid was removed from Dubai, and the preliminary has since been dismissed for the decision more than threefold.


Judge Wright previously moved the condemning from February 14 to July 11, 2022, then, at that point, to September 21, lastly to November 7.

However, the Hushpuppi page with 2.8 million supporters has since evaporated from the picture sharing site. Doing a fast hunt on Instagram takes out no outcomes to his genuine Instagram page.

In the interim, Ghgossip isn’t exactly certain on the off chance that Instagram has considered or on the other hand assuming somebody who approaches his Instagram page has delivered it briefly inaccessible. At the point when we get more data, we will refresh you on it. Remain stuck!

In the interim: Pac, Hushpuppi’s dearest companion composed an open letter to the suspect as the day of the court’s choice methodologies.

Pac reaffirmed his unwaveringness to Hushpuppi in an explanation on Instagram and communicated good faith for their get-together.

In the most natural sounding way for him: “Dear Rahman, I think of you from a position of trust and torment, the expectation that as your decision moves close and a profession launches, our gathering is made conceivable, and the aggravation that accompanies consistently realizing that you are in there.

“Rahman, it’s your third birthday celebration behind watch bars, I supplicate that you keep on tracking down strength, and I appeal to God for harmony From the inside, that powers you into significance.”