Harry Styles’ Gucci Collection Is a Dreamy Wonderland Full of Cherries and Angry Teddy Bears

Gucci HA HA is here. Harry Styles’ exceptionally expected coordinated effort with Gucci innovative chief Alessandro Michele is formally accessible to buy, and the style house sent off with a gathering of photographs of Styles wearing the plans. The menswear assortment, which incorporates hints of gentility and a lot of gestures to Styles’ music and tasteful, was first declared in June as an organization between the teammates and long-term companions.

“I’m so glad to see this task at last show some major signs of life,” Styles partook in a public statement. “I’ve known Alessandro throughout recent years, and he’s forever been one of my #1 individuals. I’m constantly enlivened watching him work, so doing this cooperation with my companion was extremely extraordinary to me.”


Gucci HA HA — a combination of Styles’ and Michele’s most memorable initials — is charged as freed vanity and has a vanguard pizazz.

The assortment incorporates suits — which Styles has proactively been wearing — shirts, shoots, gems and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The realistic shirts in the assortment and pullovers in the assortment are a particularly fun gesture to Styles himself.  One shirt has a charmingly furious pink bear — the mascot for the line — with the expression, “I need more berries and that late spring feelin’;” a tribute to Styles’ Grammy-winning melody “Watermelon Sugar.” One more shirt, this one with two rabbits, peruses, “You have my dedication;” a recognition for the title track “Scarcely discernible difference” from Styles’ subsequent collection. Somewhere else in the assortment, you’ll track down additional irate bears — in a $1,200 pendant neckband and on a couple of $3,350 night robe — as well as cherry print, a sign of approval for Styles’ melody “Cherry” and his partiality for referring to natural product in tunes.

Shot by Mark Borthwick, the mission pictures and video of Styles are fantastic and optimistic with the 28-year-old English vocalist and entertainer displaying the bits of the assortment.

In the video, Styles moves around, taking the garments on and off with a negligible foundation.

With simply the garments, a tree, and some lounge chairs for props, Styles whirls and spins — and drops his jeans a couple of times — cheerfully and a gleam in his expression.

Upon the underlying declaration of Gucci HA HA in June, the brand said the expression “hahaha” is the way Michele, 49, and Styles “have finished their messages to one another for quite a long time” since meeting in 2017. “The experience quickly produced a relationship of trade, of consistent imaginative tainting, and the drive to investigate,” Gucci partook in the public statement.

Styles and Gucci’s joint efforts date as far back as his kinship with Michele.

Styles was made the essence of a June 2018 Gucci crusade, as per Vogue, and the English pop star wore a Gucci outfit made by Michele to the 2019 Met Celebration.

“Harry has a staggering feeling of design,” Michele said in Gucci’s public statement. The inventive chief likewise drilled down into the motivation for the assortment with Styles.

“I proposed making a ‘fantasy closet’ with him, beginning from those little peculiarities that meet up in honest dreams,” she made sense of.

“We wound up with a blend of style from 1970s pop and bohemian to the correction of the picture of the man of his word in an upset memory of men’s fitting.”

Styles has been a Gucci lover for a really long time, picking the design house solely for his visit looks while out and about. For his Affection on Event dates beginning the previous fall in the US and spreading over across the U.K. furthermore, Europe this prior year getting back to the U.S., Styles has picked a variety of Gucci outfits.

For his visit this year in the U.S., the vocalist has worn an assortment of natural product themed looks, as well as striking examples and illustrations in easygoing outlines. He’s additionally stuck determinedly with his Gucci x Adidas shoes in front of an audience, save for one night in October, when fans conjectured the artist was boycotting Adidas for its connections to Kanye West.

Gucci HA HA is accessible to shop now on gucci.com, as well as in Gucci stores.