Harry Styles Details Playing A Closeted Gay Man In ‘My Policeman’

Harry Styles went to the Toronto Global Film Celebration Sunday for the world introduction of his film, My Cop. Before the screening, Styles talked at a public meeting where he point by point how he expected the occupation of Tom, a closeted gay cop.

Set during the 1950s, Styles plays converse Emma Corrin (Marion), his significant other who is a teacher and David Dawson (Patrick), a show corridor guardian who Tom is dating covertly.


“I accept he’s very curious,” Styles said of his character Tom. “I accept he’s someone who is normally acquainted with a minuscule world and, accepting at least for now that you’re normally acquainted with that kind of environment, you feel like you know where the edge of the world is. Slowly all through the story, I accept he’s comprehension that it is to some degree further away than Brighton. I think people continue with entire lives in small air pockets like that, and accepting that is the means by which you’ve been raised, and everyone around you and ages before you, your people, etc have all lived inside their kind of little air pocket, evening picture the world past that is plainly obviously testing”

“So I think when he meets someone like [his lover] Patrick, who is particularly traveled and lean towards workmanship, he winds up kind of being intrigued about those things,” Styles continued. “It’s dealing with his advantage, it’s kind of strange for him to be intrigued about stuff. Furthermore, subsequently I think with Marion he moreover finds in the long run a friend who is the most enduring of him, and I feel that is the explanation, kind of paying little psyche to anyway you think on their relationship, I think their connection is phenomenally certifiable and esteeming and sensitive.”

The cast of My Cop was respected with the Spat Recognition Grant for Execution, signifying at whatever point an entire cast originally was offered the honor.

My Cop will be conveyed in settings on Oct. 21, and is set for constant on Prime Video on Nov. 4.