Got7’s Mark Tuan Announced That He Will Release 20 Track For His Solo Album

After GOT7 part Mark Tuan uncovered the contents of his independent rebound collection, the K-pop local area moved ’20 tracks’ on Twitter. Fans’ wonder was conveyed in the term. It’s something immense to add 20 tunes to a collection, especially in the event that you’re an independent craftsman. Ahgases, the gathering’s fans, tried showing it.

On August 26, Mark Tuan will deliver his presentation studio solo collection, The Other Side. Preceding uncovering collection subtleties, the K-pop star declared a globe visit with a similar name as the collection.

Regardless of leaving JYP Entertainment and starting on individual activities, GOT7’s fanbase has stayed unflinching. This is simply one more justification for why individuals are confused by the collection. The following CD, which incorporates a sum of 20 tracks, clearly shows that the K-pop star is prepared to divulge his imaginative person.

On the contrary side, Ahgases gaze at the particulars of Mark Tuan’s introduction studio solo record. Mark Tuan of GOT7 is doing things like no other icon. The 28-year-old rapper, artist, and lyricist is planning to deliver his most memorable studio solo collection since stopping the organization in January of the year before.

His prior triumphs as a whole, remembering One for a Million, Last Breath, Never Gonna Come Down for Marvel’s Shang-Chi, and Never Gonna Come Down for The Legend of the Rings, were computerized singles.

The collection’s fame is at an unsurpassed high, especially when the physical collection material was delivered. On August 1, the symbol declared the pre-request date and gave a review of the collection’s contents. Nothing strange as far as photocards, banners, external boxes, and other such materials.

The minor remark of “20 tracks” did, in any case, grab the eye of admirers. The news is that the GOT7 rapper will be delivering 20 tunes that made Ahgases faint. Fans noted on how quiet the symbol had been this time, and the out of the blue spilled collection subtleties featured the hard exertion behind the quiet. Investigate how fans responded underneath:Late advancements concerning the GOT7 rapper Mark Tuan of GOT7 lived it up with fans in Thailand.

In May, he organized a three-day sold-out performance fan meeting in Thailand hit Pull-Up. Fans accept that the three unpublished melodies sung by the symbol during the fan meeting would be remembered for the following collection.

I Miss You So Much, My Name My Name, and Mr. M were the tunes. The 28-year-old has likewise quite recently arranged a North American visit. All through October and November, he will show up in 15 urban areas.

The visit will start on October 3 in San Antonio, Texas, and will close on November 6 in Los Angeles, California. Between these dates, he will show up in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco, among different urban communities. Following an invigorating fan meetup, energized fans anticipate Mark Tuan’s The Other Side. The collection will be accessible for pre-request on August 4, 2022, and will be distributed on August 26, 2022.