Girls are now selling their bodies in nightclubs, according to reality TV star Tuoyo, who laments the new trend.

Tuoyo Ideh, an unscripted television star, has blamed young ladies for selling their bodies in dance club. Young ladies in dance club, as per Tuoyo, are continuously able to allow any man to have their body for cash.

The truth star shared his experience, saying that at whatever point he goes to a club and expresses hi to any young lady, the following inquiry she pose is, “Would you like to convey me home?” pay 200k .

Tuoyo weeped over the recent fad, saying he was amazed by young ladies’ grit and readiness to offer their bodies to men.

Tuoyo offers strong exhortation to men.   Tuoyo Ideh has by and by offered strong guidance to men in connections.

As per the previous Big Brother Naija Season 4 housemate, men ought to be mindful about the kind of lady they court in close connections. Tuoyo stressed that men ought to never uncover their funds to a lady or permit a lady to burn through cash on them. Without evasion, he encouraged men to let ladies be on the off chance that they couldn’t stand to address the issues of a lady since it would be an affront to the man being referred to.

He composed. “No let lady burn through cash on you oooh, or even let her in on your monetary circumstance,” On the off chance that you realize you don’t fit the chest bills, let her be; e dey bring affront. Never date a cutthroat lady; you will die youthful in the event that you do.”