Gideon Okeke Comes Under Fire Over Comment On Divorce, Privacy

Nigerians have kept on responding to the abrupt detachment between Nollywood entertainer Gideon Okeke and his significant other Chidera in the wake of expenditure four years of marriage.

Review that the 31-year-old entertainer took to his Instagram story to report the unexpected split from his better half on Sunday.

This comes after inconveniences in their marriage surfaced before in August 2022.

The entertainer, without unveiling the justification for their partition, asked concerned Nigerians not to respond to him, adding they ought to petition God for his loved ones.

The pair had two young men together and were hitched in 2018.

A part of Nigerians guaranteed it was excessive for the entertainer to freely unveil his bombed marriage on the off chance that he asserted he needed protection, while others mourn about the high pace of separation among famous people

@princeoliseh said,” Amusing individuals all over the place, “breakfast contact you” make we applaud you? In the event that your marriage fizzled mightn’t you at any point regard yourself or do you believe we should give you an honor? Must all of you come to virtual entertainment to declare it? Obliviousness

@mz_omite said,” Just you came here to report your split. Just you still dey request protection. Nothing we off limits see for una hand. Upon say na jeje we dey

@kemiso_la said,” He said dey ought to give dem space, however nobody realized what was happening until you came out spilling the tea… na wa o

@seundreams said,” Is it not currently better for govt to urge hookups to make we dey skill ourselves consistent than to live with an accomplice hopelessly.
@onyid777 said,” Come like a few relationships were based via web-based entertainment and will flop through online entertainment. Asking individuals for security however you shared it via virtual entertainment. Good judgment isn’t just normal.

@itsnedu4naija said,” All of you be pondering the issue with marriage right?

Presently here is the real issue. The general public we ended up in made it seem to be something must or a specific stage we should all or should go through and ignoring different viewpoints and variables that could become an integral factor. Strain from guardians, peers, church spots of love, region spots and self is to such an extent. Individuals actually live joyfully without getting hitched. Last, Ona made marriage dey dread a few of us.

@nerlie61 said, “No one ought to get deterred… .marriage na sweet thing however e no easy..d issue express a considerable lot of us don’t know d definition… we center around wedding pass marriage… the vast majority of us wed for cash, Popularity, names and that’s just the beginning… modesty has lost its significance, … rivalry has demolished bunches of marriage… I wan have a place.. awful companions… nko? Mission for material things, … pls comprehend d significance n find yourself ur perfect partner… for d right reasons… and u will appreciate ur marriage… . Adam n Eve were cheerful till the snake came… who is d snake in ur marriage?.

@kunleosijo, “Trust you got some espresso with your morning meal flapjacks? The nerve of requesting protection in the wake of coming on SM to declare the separation of marriage that we didn’t know about its presence. Gettat my companion.

@thegriefcircle_naija said, “golly! What’s the deal with relationships? It’s not simply famous people cos a great deal of relationships are crashing despite the fact that we just get to be familiar with superstars.

@vogueafriquelifestyle said, “So on the off chance that you needed space, why post it via virtual entertainment? Must your lives be on the media, haba consider your youngsters at any rate.