Former CM Trivendra Rawat climbs hill after elephant blocks convoy – Kotdwar

Kotdwar (Uttarakhand), Sep 15 (IANS) Previous Uttarakhand boss priest Trivendra Singh Rawat had to stop his guard when an elephant abruptly showed up before his vehicle. Rawat needed to climb rocks to save him life.

Rawat was coming from Pauri to Kotdwar through Kotdwar-Dugadda street on Wednesday between 5 to 6 p.m, when the elephant unexpectedly emerged from the woodland and obstructed his guard.

For quite a while, the previous CM sat in his vehicle yet when the elephant began coming towards his vehicle, every one individuals including the previous CM needed to leave their vehicle and ascend the mountain. He some way or another saved his life by climbing the slope.

The caravan of the previous Boss Priest needed to remain there for about 30 minutes. During this, there was likewise a gridlock on the interstate. The backwoods staff who surged there when they got data, terminated in the air and some way or another drove the elephant far removed. They hurled a murmur of help after the previous CM went through the parkway.

Dugadda Reach Official Pradeep Dobriyal expressed that as the area among Kotdwar and Dugadda falls in the Shivalik Elephant Passage region, elephants frequently come there on the parkway.