Father of Sisters Killed by Stepfather in Wisc. Murder-Suicide Shares Heartbreak: ‘Fun, Loving Girls’

The dad of two of the Wisconsin young ladies killed in a homicide self destruction is standing up — and grieving the deficiency of his two girls after they were killed by their stepfather.

“They were fun, cherishing young ladies,” Kyle Kleemeier told WISN-television. “They were the best young ladies of all time.” Kleemeier’s two girls, 12-year-old Sofina and 14-year-old Natalie Kleemeier, were tracked down dead inside a Hartland condo close by their mother, Jessica McKisick, her new spouse, Connor McKisick, and the young ladies’ kid twin stepbrothers.


Every one of the six individuals were dead of discharge wounds. Police accept Connor McKisick’s discharge wound was self-incurred.
The departed were found by firemen after a blast moved throughout their apartment complex. Investigators found “proof of an ignitable fluid” inside the family’s condo “where it regularly wouldn’t be found,” Hartland Police Boss Torin Misko said at a public interview Monday night, WISN reports.

The apartment complex contained four units. Ten different occupants had the option to escape from the other 3 lofts.

As indicated by Kyle Kleemeier, he experienced difficulty accepting that his young ladies were truly gone.

“I just separated. I was furious, in dismay as it didn’t work out, similar to they had some unacceptable location,” he told WISN-television.

“I didn’t actually accept it until I went to the coroner’s office, you know, and needed to recognize my young ladies.”

A relative has set up a GoFundMe to fund-raise for the young ladies’ memorial service costs.

Kleemeier is currently tormented by inquiries concerning why his little girls’ stepfather did what he did.

“I realize they had their issues and issues like any other person,” he tells the news station, “yet this would be the last thing I would expect or thought would have occurred.

You know, a great many inquiries. Why? You might have recently dropped them off by me. I don’t have the foggiest idea.”