“Even If You Give Me $20,000, I Am Not Going Back To My Ex Husband” Korra Obidi Vows, Gives Reasons

American-based Nigerian artist Korra Obidi has kept on voicing out over her bombed marriage.

The artist and all-around performer held her position on not pulling out of separation.


The mum of two expresses that she wouldn’t get back to her ex regardless of whether she were given $20,000.

Korra conceded that an extreme separation is difficult, yet she isn’t languishing.

The artist cum vocalist encouraged anybody in a harmful relationship to leave it.

Kemi Filani news revealed that it was a difficult stretch for Korra Obidi as she attempted to explore co-nurturing with her alienated spouse.

Since her American spouse, Justin Dean, reported their separation, the couple had been entangled in a few virtual entertainment wars.

Korra shouted out for help over ploys to remove her little girls from her.

Taking to online entertainment, Korra Obidi asserted that there were endeavors to remove her children from her.

As per her, they were attempting to control her life through her children.

Korra uncovered that somebody sent her a mail requesting that she spruce up or wind up losing her girls.

This is coming days after Korra Obidi had mourned a portion of the outcomes of separation.

The artist and her alienated spouse, Justin Dean, have forever been via virtual entertainment war following cheating and aggressive behavior at home cases.

Through a video she posted on her foundation, she shouted out that her kids had been removed for certain days presently, leaving her wrecked.

“Try not to get separated. It isn’t for the frail. Isolated from your a half year old for an entire week. I have been attempting to keep my poise however the previous evening I got broken in light of the fact that I saw outsiders contacting my kid. It broke me,” she said in a tears-filled voice.