Evan Rachel Wood Didn’t Know How to Tell Son, 9, His Mom ‘Makes Out with Harry Potter’ in New Film

Evan Rachel Wood is sharing the funny explanation she didn’t allow her child to visit her on the arrangement of Abnormal: The Al Yankovic Story.

Showing up on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the entertainer, 35, shared that her 9-year-old child was eager to learn she was working with Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe on the film.


“We observed all the Harry Potter films together and I let him know I was working with Daniel Radcliffe and he said, ‘gracious, could I at any point come to set?’ ” she told Meyers.

Wood winced and giggled prior to telling her child no, on the grounds that, “I didn’t have any idea how to let my child know that aspect of my responsibilities was to simply savagely make out with him all through the whole film.” “I’m like, ‘You can’t come watch mother make out with Harry Potter, no,’ ” she kidded, however she said her child did at last get to meet him.

“He could scarcely spread a news when he met Daniel,” taking note of that the entertainer “took care of it so well.”

“I think my kid got out perhaps three words. I said, ‘Daniel, much thanks. Sorry they just expressed three things.

Also, he said, ‘No that is amazing. Three words is exceptionally great. Most children simply stow away, I don’t see them,’ ” she reviewed.

Wood then recalled the second she acquainted her child with Josh Stray after she did Frozen 2, who voiced Olaf in the cherished film series.

“He didn’t completely accept that he was Olaf and afterward he’s like, ‘okay, shut your eyes.’ And afterward he murmured, ‘I’m Olaf and I like warm embraces.’”

Copying her child dissolving right now, she conceded she won “significant mother focuses.”

Already talking with Individuals about co-nurturing her child with ex Jamie Chime, Wood noticed how “any detachment, regardless of whether it’s neighborly, is generally troublesome.”

“However, we’re continuously giving a valiant effort, and the main thing is our child generally starts things out,” she added.

“Anything issues the guardians have, you’ve recently got to move past that and put it aside,” she said. “Another motivation behind why children are a gift: They get you out of your stuff and you let go of the things that don’t serve you or them a lot quicker.” Adding, “By the day’s end, he’s our need and what is important.”