Eloswag Reveals Why She Fell In Love With Chomzy On Big Brother Nigeria.

Eloswag, a previous housemate on Big Brother Naija, has discussed his relationship with Chomzy and said that it is a “work underway.”

While they were in the BBNaija house, Eloswag and Chomzy resembled a couple.


The primary individual had guaranteed the second individual that they would continue to see each other beyond the house.

As of late, the BBNaija star held an all-white pool party with his kindred housemates at the Recreation area Motel Raddison inn on Victoria Island in Lagos.

At the party, he helped them to remember his commitment and explained to them why he experienced passionate feelings for Chomzy.

He said that he experienced passionate feelings for Chimozy effectively on the grounds that the two of them had a similar science.

He likewise considered Phyna a companion and made sense of why he didn’t play in the house.

“I have a mother, so I understand what it resembles when ladies attempt to inspire you to follow them.

I know the amount she damages and how you shouldn’t hurt her.” He said, “I won’t act like a fool while I was there.”

At the point when Phyna was in the house, she told Eloswag she cherished him, however he said he wanted seven days to consider it.

Following seven days, Eloswag let Phyna know that he wasn’t intrigued and that they ought to simply remain companions.

Eloswag said that he had a great time in the BBNaija house while he was there, despite the fact that it was unnerving for him to go into the house on the subsequent day.

He additionally said that he attempted to act naturally while he was in the house and that he didn’t really mind the other housemates’ thought process of him.

On being removed from the BBNaija house, the artist and vocalist who used to reside there said, “It was all the more a good time for me.”

He added, “I like going on experiences. It was another experience for me, such as getting to know new individuals in a spot you’ve never been.

“There were undertakings, and I set forth the entirety of my energy in winning the Head of House since, in such a case that I didn’t win I may be removed from the house.

Prior to going into the house, I had a YouTube channel, and I have encountered this sort of way of life where individuals will generally slam you a great deal, in any event, when you are accomplishing something great, they will more often than not cut you down. This is really the thing I needed.

I’m appreciating it while it endures,’ the 25-year25-year-oldy star said. Eloswag proceeded to make sense of why he concealed every one of the condoms lying around the BBNaija house: “I maintained that different housemates should have the option to have direct sex in the house.”

Eloswag said that his housemates were acting blessed so they could utilize the condoms, so he concealed the condoms.

“Individual housemates were claiming to be holy people in the house. I pressed the condoms since I believed that them should get to them crude. I was concealing the condoms in the house.

“Indeed no one needed to utilize the condoms. They were claiming to be heavenly, and I said someone should accomplish something without the condoms”, Eloswag who was expelled somewhat recently of the show uncovered.