Elon Musk’s Plan for Verified Twitter Accounts Is to Charge $20 a Month: Report

Elon Musk is considering new prerequisites for confirmed Twitter clients — who may have to pay for those blue checkmarks, according to a report.

The new Twitter Chief, who as of late terminated three of the social media platform’s top leaders, has indicated that he aims to rebuild the platform’s verification framework.


The Edge reports that Musk is planning to do this by changing its optional monthly assistance plan, Twitter Blue.

The $4.99 a month administration right now gives clients additional add-ons, for example, a customizable navigation bar and the ability to fix a tweet. Under Musk’s new direction, the cost would supposedly increase to $19.99 a month and would give confirmed clients 90 days to buy in or lose their status, which is indicated by the sought after blue checkmarks.

A Twitter rep responded to Individuals’ solicitation for input on the change, saying the company had “nothing to share at this time.”

On Sunday, notwithstanding, Musk tweeted that “the entire verification process is being revamped at this moment.”

On Monday, Musk also responded to a survey by Jason Calacanis, which asked Twitter clients the amount they would pay a month for a blue checkmark.

By Monday evening, with over 80% of respondents saying that they “wouldn’t pay,” Musk answered with one word: “Interesting.” According to The Edge, representatives working on the task were let on Sunday know that they need to fulfill a time constraint of November seventh to launch the feature or they will be terminated.

In April, Musk hinted at a craving to update the verification framework by tweeting “authenticate all real humans.”

The same month when Twitter originally announced it had “went into a definitive agreement to be acquired,” Musk shared a statement about how he wanted to make the company “really great.”

“Twitter has gigantic potential,” he expressed, “I anticipate working with the company and the local area of clients to open it.”