Elizabeth Chambers Speaks Out About ‘Heartbreaking’ House Of Hammer Documents

Will Elizabeth Chambers let us know her thought process of Discovery+’s docuseries Place of Mallet? BIRD Pastry shop’s organizer shares a couple of considerations.

She has ended her quietness about Place of Mallet. The Discovery+ docuseries zeroing in on Armie Sledge and his family investigated claims of upsetting way of behaving, including allegations of actual maltreatment and sexual unfortunate behavior.


Armie lawyer Andrew Brettler told E! News in 2021 that Mallet keeps up with that any sexual action he had taken part in was “totally consensual, examined and settled upon ahead of time, and participatory together.”

As of this moment, she’s on her E! The News advanced cover highlights Chambers, who isolated from Sledge in 2020 and shares Harper, 7, and Portage, 5, with him. (Peruse her full main story here.) Elizabeth chambers tell E! Solely’s! Francesca Amiker, “I didn’t anticipate seeing it, yet I dropped the children off at school one day and got back home and watched it with my emotionally supportive network around me,” the Proceeding, “It was terrible on such countless levels and exceptionally difficult. And yet, it exists. What’s done is done, and there’s nothing left but to accept this as a second to learn and tune in, and ideally process and mend in each limit.”

Because of certain disclosures made in the docuseries, Chambers conceded she was “shocked” yet noticed, “that will be normal.” Two years of learning new things has not been simple. “There were a few shocks,” Chambers said, “and it didn’t feel perfect, particularly when you feel like you have accomplished that work, however the lesson of the story is that work is rarely finished.”

Do Passage and Harper intend to watch? “It’s not fitting for them as of now,” said the pioneer behind BIRD Pastry kitchen. “That wouldn’t be in accordance with my objectives for them.”

Chambers and Sledge isolated in July 2020 following decade of marriage. They “chose to turn the page and continue on from our marriage,” noticing their youngsters “will remain our need.”